Our Philosophy

Explore what drives us to the experience we provide today.

1417487382099The key to perfect service lies in attention to detail.

The most important aspects of restaurant service are friendliness and flexibility. The outstanding service diners receive at Din Tai Fung restaurants comes from the heart; everyone at Din Tai Fung seeks to put the guest’s needs first, providing proactive service in which even the tiniest detail embodies Din Tai Fung’s service philosophy and brand values.

Daily sales targets are not everything.

Since taking over management of Din Tai Fung from his father, the restaurant’s founder Yang Bingyi, Yang Jihua has worked to transform what started out as a single, small restaurant into a world-class, international chain of gourmet restaurants. Rather than focusing solely on sales performance, Din Tai Fung’s main aim is to provide guests with the best possible service, strengthen brand visibility, and achieve sustainable growth.

Quality is the lifeblood of the business.

Careful selection of ingredients; attention to detail in food preparation; fine-tuning of the cooking process; serving the food in the best possible way — Din Tai Fung takes the same painstaking care over each step in the process of bringing outstanding gourmet food to our guests, with rigorous quality assurance at every stage. The top-class food that we serve our customers is the embodiment of this service philosophy.

Branding means responsibility.

At Din Tai Fung, we feel that we have a responsibility to our guests to maintain the highest standards in the food that we serve. Everything we do is geared towards winning the consumer’s approval; every single detail is one of the bricks that help to build the foundations for the Din Tai Fung brand. Our commitment means that all of our guests can be sure of a first-class dining experience at Din Tai Fung.